Kursy Biblioteki PG

Osoba odpowiedzialna merytorycznie za kurs:

Agnieszka Szymik, Biblioteka Politechniki Gdańskiej, Sekcja Informacji Naukowo-Technicznej (agnieszka.szymik@pg.edu.pl)

Kurs przeznaczony jest dla studentów z lat ubiegłych, którzy mają zaległości z Kompetencji informacyjnych.

Osoba odpowiedzialna merytorycznie za kurs:

Magdalena Szuflita-Żurawska, Sekcja Informacji Naukowo-Technicznej Biblioteki PG (magszufl@pg.gda.pl)

What is it? Who can apply?

The GUT Library offers Library Information Skills e-course to students enrolled in English-language degree programmes at GUT. It is an obligatory course. There is a test at the end of the e-course. Information skills, or in other words information literacy, means knowing what kind of information a student is looking for, where to find it, how to evaluate, communicate and use it in a presentation, article or diploma in an ethical way.


Library Information Skills e-course is designed to help each student use the resoursces GUT Library has to offer – books, electronic databases, e-resourses (e-books, e-journals) as effectively as possible. The key information skills include: being able to locate and access the information you need, being able to compare and evaluate information, being able to organise, apply and communicate the information to others e.i. citing references in an essay, presentation, article or diploma paper or creating a bibliography. It is essential that students have not only the skills to enable them to exploit the resources available, but also the ability to understand how to retrieve, evaluate and use them effectively.


After completing the course the student should know how to:

  • use the GUT Library’s services
  • search and access the GUT Library’s resources
  • distinguish among different types of information sources
  • evaluate information
  • distinguish between popular and academic (peer reviewed) information
  • manage information (by referencing and avoiding plagiarism)


Information about the test:

  • the test consists of 20 questions
  • the test contains multiple choice questions (single select questions) which allow the students to choose only one option from a list of 3 possible answers – only one answer is correct
  •  to pass the test successfully a student has to provide 70% or more correct answers (at least 14 correct answers)
  • students can approach the test 4 times
  • time limit for each attempt is 1,5 h (90 minutes)
  • the test should be completed by the last day (including the day) of winter semester examination session. In case you fail the test, you can resit it during the winter semester rest examination session (the last day of the session is the deadline)
  • the test is designed for first-year GUT international students
  • the test is designed to test GUT international students' library information proficiency.