The Artificial Intelligence course contains content related to intelligent search and optimization methods, machine learning methods and data classification methods, including artificial neural networks along with deep learning.

This course helps with learning Elements of Discrete Mathematics.

Zapoznanie z architekturami biznesowych aplikacji wielkoskalowych i narzędziami do ich wytwarzania z wykorzystaniem platformy Java Enterprise Edition.

Overview of design patterns, architectures, and tools used for design and development of large-scale enterprise applications with focus on the Java Enterprise Edition platform.

Kierunek: Inżynieria danych (WETI), I stopnia - inżynierskie, stacjonarne

The student becomes familiar with the network layered logical architectures, classifies the basic problems of network communication and identifies and analyzes selected protocols and mechanisms of LAN and WAN (IP) networks.

First degree studies

Data Engineering

The first lecture: 22.02.2021 at 8:15 on Teams

Pierwszy wykład: 22.02.2021 o 8:15 w Teams


Kierunek: Inżynieria danych (WETI)
Studia I stopnia - inżynierskie, stacjonarne, semestr 6

kurs w jęz. angielskim dla studentów specjalności Inżynieria Danych

The aim of the course is to present four basic programming models (procedural, object-oriented, functional and in logic) and to demonstrate their practical use in information systems.