EiT, II st., sem. 3, Computer electronic systems
Kierunek: Elektronika i telekomunikacja (studia w jęz. angielskim)
Electronics and Telecommunication
Studia magisterskie (II stopnia)
M.Sc. studies
Specjalność: Computer electronic systems
Rok 2
Year 2
Semestr 3
Semester 3

The course is addressed to bachelor-students in the field of data engineering in the fifth semester.

The couse currently used for Master studies (MSc degree) - Informatics, 

Specialization: Distributed Applications and Internet Services (Department of Computer Architecture)


studia magisterskie, Informatyka, semestr 3

studia inżynierskie, informatyka i inżynieria danych

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the development process of data warehouses for BI systems. The course is prepared for students of:

Data Engineering (pl. Inżynieria danych) - 4th semester,

Informatics (pl. Informatyka) - 5th semester.