The course "Self-Healing and Shape Memory Polymers" is a specialized elective designed for Chemical Engineering PhD students. This advanced course delves into the innovative realms of self-healing materials and shape memory polymers (SMPs), representing a significant breakthrough in material science and engineering. Throughout the course, students learn about the problems of failure of polymeric materials and explore the fundamental principles behind the unique properties of these materials. Key topics include the chemistry and physics underlying self-healing mechanisms in polymers, such as intrinsic healing via reversible covalent bonds and extrinsic healing employing microencapsulation techniques. The course also covers the design and synthesis of shape memory polymers, emphasizing their ability to return to a pre-defined shape upon exposure to an external stimulus like heat, light, or magnetic field. Practical applications of these materials in various fields, including aerospace, biomedical devices, and consumer products, are examined through case studies. The course encourages students to engage in hands-on laboratory work and research projects, fostering innovation and critical thinking.

Kurs obejmuje 15 godz. Wykładów (18-22.01. 2021)z zagadnień związanych z omówieniem różnych polimerów biodegradowalnych, ich syntezą i postąpami w otrzymywaniu, analizie, zastosowaniu.

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