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Welcome to e-learning course of Architect's Proffesional Ethics. Classes will be conducted via TEAMS platform. 

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The objective of the course is to teach the basic principles of the public participation. This includes basic principles, the techniques and practical aspects of its application.  

During the Management Psychology course, the focus is placed on how psychological science, research, and knowledge can support management.

The course topics include elements pertaining to individual differences, decision-making, leadership, group work, stress management, and more. Course participants have to take a mid-term test and submit the final project at the end of the semester.

During our first meeting, you have learned the details about the course requirements, its organization, and a bit about business psychology itself.
The presentation includes all this information.

Zajęcia z projektowania architektonicznego

Architectural Project IV A.Szuta

The aim of our course is to teach you how to design architecture.

The process of creation architecture is not just about function and construction. It is more, it is about creation of original, form with individual features and beauty that will become a meaningful part of our environment.

Therefore we base our course of architectural design on the connection with art. We continue a tradition of the famous Bauhaus school were architects and artists worked together.

Artistic composition will be a part of it. We start the course with the principles of composition


The semester program includes carrying out methodically related exercises. Therefore, a briefcase with all the works is needed during each class.

Each class will start with a lecture followed by exercises.

The results of the exercises should be presented in the next class.

We work on A3 format drawing paper with a thickness of minimum 120g.

For the final completion of the semester, a portfolio with a full cycle of exercises and a video presenting the concept development process should be presented.


KPŚ Projektowanie architektoniczne V