1. Introduction to capital markets
2. Rate of return, effective rate of return
3. Types of financial and capital instruments
4. Standard methods of market analysis
5. Basic concepts of approximation theory
6. Incomplete and complete system in vector space
7. Scalar product, properties, interpretation
8. Scalar product in signal space, orthogonality of functions
9. Error norms in linear spaces, their properties
10. Coefficient of correlation and covariance, normalization in L2 space
11. Approximation in the L2 space
12. Properties of approximation solutions in L2 space
13. Fourier series in the analysis of capital markets
14. Deterministic autocorrelation function - acf and cross-correlation -ccf
15. Investment strategies in capital markets

Components, characteristics, classification, analysis, and applications of queuing systems.

The subject presents organisation and detail of realtime operating microsystem as well as examples.

The course covers basic data structures and computer algorithms used in information tehcnology applications.