Kursy Wydziału Zarządzania i Ekonomii

Tydzień Przedsiębiorczości


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Introduction to Management, Learning by Doing method based upon Business Canvas Trends in geopolitcs Strategy and Business Models Management Tools SEMESTR II Green Technologies and Monitoring

Supplement material to Production Management Exercises. BIM sem.4

Seminarium dyplomowe to kurs przeznaczony dla moich seminarzystów I i II stopnia. 

This is the course for my diplomants: bachelor and master level.

The course is designed for students not familiar with concepts of European Integration, also for non-EU students. By the completion of the course, students will be able to define practical implications of the theory of economic integration.

Thanks to participation in Negotiaitons course you will have the chance to develop your soft skills and you will be able to answer the questions: How to communicate efficiently? How to convince your interlocutor to meet your needs? What is the most effective negotiation style? Which of manipulation techniques are the dirty tactics?

Winter semester 2020/2021


Lecture on current topics related to knowledge-based society, knowledge management, and smart  knowledge systems engineering

This course on research methods is intended for 5th semester students of BiM Programme.

Wykład dotyczy zagadnień związanych z realizacją procesów innowacyjnych w przedsiębiorstwach.

Kurs realizowany jest w formie hybrydowej: stacjonarnej i niestacjonarnej.